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Sermons : Heart of a servant

Servanthood is not an act or an event. Doesn't have a start and finish time. Just like worship, its not audible, sensible sentences, a sweet voice or anything you can see or hear. Servanthood is being, not merely acting.


Servanthood is a condition. A state! Not a pose of your body. Neither a Photo-shoot where you are caught in a temporary moment, soon shifting into another posture!


Some don’t realize that they are just, ‘Caught in the act..’, because acting is all it is.

We have plenty of people posing for the camera, wanting their endeavours to be noticed, not realizing that the essence of Servanthood is not visibility but rather invisibility. However, the church is full of actors. Most swop persona right after the lights and the camera are switched off.


Servanthood is not an act of the body. It is a condition of the heart. It does not end when the last chairs are stacked or the windows closed or after the placing of a plate of food before someone.


Servanthood is not a job! Some assume that being a servant is doing ‘menial’, lowly tasks that perhaps nobody wants to do.


This is not serving, because these are merely acts which you could possibly pay someone to do.

Servanthood is the condition of your heart before, whilst and after you do what you’ve been assigned or called to do and concurrently being readily available to meet a current need.


Being just as happy to preach as you are to clean the toilets. Whether you are sweeping the church or leading songs the condition of your heart declares to your Master if you have the heart of a servant or not.


Servanthood does not only imply obedience and readiness but also subservience. A willingness to take instruction even if it doesn’t suit your mood, convenience or thought patterns.


Put simply; there is a master and a servant, whether your leader, pastor or spiritual father. You cannot serve God if you don’t see the value of serving people, whether over you or under your command. It’s being able to see the God, behind your Leader and above you.


Ultimately the true servant is always aware of the master, especially that our Lord is watching the way we respond to instructions given by Him via those He has chosen to watch over us.


May God bring out of your life the sweet smelling savour that exudes the heart of a servant.


Lucanas A. Isaac

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